Thai Transliteration Scheme

(Used on this site)

Tones Consonants
a mid tone b like English
à low tone ch like English
á high tone d like English
â falling tone f like English
ǎ rising tone h like English
Vowels (short / long) j like English
a / aa between can and car k like g in get
e / ee like first part of a in shake kh like c in cat
i / ii like in him or see l like English
o / oo like first part of o in show m like English
u / uu like in boot n like English
ae / aeebetween tan and ten ng like in ring
oe / oeelike in her p between bat and pat
ue / ueelike in put ph like p in park
or / oorbetween car and core r like English
Notes s like English
Syllables are separated by a '-' (but an initial consonant followed by an implicit 'a' sound is not considered a separate syllable).
The consonant อ is not transliterated.
Final consonants are always one of:
t between den and ten
th like t in tape
w like English
y like in yellow